Thursday, September 23: Speak Out at City Hall!

Date: Thursday, September 23

Time: 6:30 pm

Place: City Hall, Pandora entrance

Come out to City Hall and voice your opposition to the streets and traffic bylaw amendment!

The Action Committee of People with Disabilities, the Committee to End Homelessness, Harm Reduction Victoria, the Society of Living Intravenous Drug Users, the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group and the Victoria Coalition Against Poverty are united and speaking out at City Hall to show our opposition to the proposed amendment …to the Streets and Traffic Bylaw “To Better Regulate Boulevards and Medians.”

This law would make it illegal to sleep on boulevards such as the green at Pandora Ave. It has become obvious that the intent behind this proposed amendment is to further criminalize poverty and homelessness in our city.

VCAP demands:

1. The City must drop this bylaw amendment as we demand a moratorium until the Pandora campers are consulted!

2. The City must respect the intention behind the City vs. Adams Supreme Court decision that upheld the right to erect shelters in public parks!


City Council is holding a public hearing on the proposed amendment and speakers will be given air on a “first come first serve” basis.

Join us at 6:30 and flood city hall with our voices! Even if you don’t want to speak join us in support. Let’s outnumber the NIMBY voices and speak our discontent with city halls proposed amendment!

You do not need to sign up to speak, however if you want to send a message to city hall, sign up anyway! Follow the link below.

How to sign up: online @

Or you can fill out the attached form and send it in yourself. You don’t need to include many details about motivation to speak unless you care to. We also want to encourage people to send emails to the mayor and councilors to let them know that you do not support the proposed amendment to the streets and traffic by-law.

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