Gathering on the Green! Come “illegally” kneel, squat and lie down with us and take a stand against the ridiculous streets and traffic bylaw amendment

Gathering on Pandora Green (between Cook St. and Vancouver St.)
Thursday October 7, 7:00 PM

This Thursday City Council will be enacting a bylaw to criminalize homeless people for camping on Pandora Green.

Two weeks ago more than 100 people came to a public hearing and spoke almost unanimously against this initiative.  People lined up for hours to patiently explain that authorizing domestic military forces to chase poor people away from their community is morally atrocious and it will amplify the crisis of homelessness in our region.  The city refused to listen to words, so now its time for action.

Join VCAP on Pandora Green this Thursday at 7:00 PM for a potluck gathering.  If the city wants to send in Police to chase us away, they’ll be on TV for breaking up a picnic, but if they let us stay then they will be famous for letting (mostly) privileged activists get away with the same thing that homeless people could be fined for.  We win either way!

Call your friends, family and neighbors and tell them that this is a great way to make our point with a very very low risk of anyone being fined.  Bring you instruments, some food to share, a tarp in case it rains and a tent if you want to spend the night.  Semi formal attire would be great if you have it.

For more info visit

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