Cracks in the Concrete

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May 13th – 15th: Join us for a weekend of skills-sharing, network-building, and action-oriented discussions on poverty in Victoria!

We hope to:

* Provide a public venue for groups and communities working on poverty-related issues to share their work

* Foster solidarity and collective action among different organization

* Provide a forum for new and experienced activists to build and hone their organizing skills.

Cracks in the Concrete is an initiative that will bring our communities together to discuss issues and solutions while building skills and capacities.

We are inviting a diverse range of individuals, student groups, collectives, groups, service providers and organizations working on various dimensions of poverty-related issues in Victoria to attend and present at the Teach-In.  Presenters will offer workshops on thematic areas and skill sets.  Through the Anti-Poverty Teach-In, we hope to open a space for sharing, learning and taking action.

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